Kotlin : SharedPreferences using delegated property

It's been a 5-6 months I started exploring Koltin. I met lot of Kotlin enthusiast, I came across to lot of blog posts explaining Kotlin and the ease it provides. Kotlin is all about making development easy and fun activity. I mainly use Kotlin in Android app development and always thrive for better code which … Continue reading Kotlin : SharedPreferences using delegated property

Twitter App Only Authentication example

This example is to showcase how we can search in twitter android sdk WITHOUT LOGIN (Yes it is possible) . Twitter4j Offers this.     Twitter offers applications the ability to issue authenticated requests on behalf of the application itself (as opposed to on behalf of a specific user). Twitter’s implementation is based on the … Continue reading Twitter App Only Authentication example

Securely store user credentials

We always store user's credentials like User-name/Email Id or passwords, some times API public Keys also. Some uses database(worst option), Shared Preferences (Better) . We knows that this can be vulnerable, as security is always a problem with rooted devices. So we think of the other options. Someone comes and says hey lets encrypt the … Continue reading Securely store user credentials

Android Float Label Example

FloatingLabel Allows you to create a blow kind of EditText. Floating Lable project is in initial mode, where a few customization is provided like changing Text color of EditText and Its Label <com.hardik.floatinglabel.FloatingLabelView android:id="@+id/label1" android:layout_width="fill_parent" android:layout_height="wrap_content" label:floatHintText="Whatever hint you want to display" label:textColor="@color/blue" label:textTypeface="some_custome_font.ttf"/> You can also provide custom fonts also, condition is to put … Continue reading Android Float Label Example

Modifying App Chooser Intent

Hi Friends, I am seeing many questions on stack overflow asking about filtering app from android app chooser (though its very old topic). So I thought to write a well describing blog on it. Problem :  Intent.ACTION_SEND lists all application which can handle this intent. Sometimes lot of unnecessary application is also gets listed out … Continue reading Modifying App Chooser Intent