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Hardik Trivedi is a computer program writer. A self learned programmer. Hardik has extensively worked on Android and Java since 2010 and also immersed himself in Kotlin, and JavaScript.

When Hardik is not on the client projects, he loves contributing back to the development community by  spending time on stack overflow and writing tech blogs. Hardik is co author of a book “Kotlin Blueprints”. His book has got a place in the recommended books by the Kotlin’s official website.  Hardik also mentors college students and professionals and companies who has keen interest in mobile app development. He is a speaker at GDG events.

Contribution to Open Source Community

Stack Overflow :  Profile for Hardik Trivedi at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers

GitHub : https://github.com/hardik-trivedi

27 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello friend, i am from kerala. i want to register a developer account in play store. but google keeps declining my visa debit card(s). is there is another way to do this?? plz hlp me..

  2. Hi Brother,

    I am looking for making a flie sharing application using hotspot but not able to find any link for the solution if u have any reference kindly share it with me.

  3. Good work. Keep it up man. Please share your email id. I have a proposal to make, it may interest you.

  4. Hi,
    i am working on face detection and find age and gender from detected face. if u have any solution about find age and gender from detected face kindly share with me

        1. Your machine is 32 bit or 64 bit ? Not sure but this could be the issue. I tested it on 64 bit machine

  5. Hey BTW I was looking into your blog with AES example. Would like to point out that decompiling an ‘so’ is piece of cake. And can very easily be done. If you hardcode your password into an shared object, just running the strings command on the ‘so’ will list it out. So its by no way secure and is as insecure as hardcoding into the dex itself

  6. Hi Hardik,

    I read your post about AES encryption. I implemented your code and it worked as expected. I decompiled my APK got so file. I opened so file using GHex software, I can see whole file as hexcodes but I can see the seed value “I AM UNBREAKABLE” as it is.How to fix this issue?

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