Kotlin : SharedPreferences using delegated property

It's been a 5-6 months I started exploring Koltin. I met lot of Kotlin enthusiast, I came across to lot of blog posts explaining Kotlin and the ease it provides. Kotlin is all about making development easy and fun activity. I mainly use Kotlin in Android app development and always thrive for better code which … Continue reading Kotlin : SharedPreferences using delegated property

Android Mobile Vision API Face Filter implementation

Since MSQRD and SnapChat has created lot of hype on the internet and they got humongous users(I am one of them 😉 ) who loves to use the face filter feature. I am also getting lot of request to have a example on my blog. So here I am presenting a working demo for face … Continue reading Android Mobile Vision API Face Filter implementation

Twitter App Only Authentication example

This example is to showcase how we can search in twitter android sdk WITHOUT LOGIN (Yes it is possible) . Twitter4j Offers this.     Twitter offers applications the ability to issue authenticated requests on behalf of the application itself (as opposed to on behalf of a specific user). Twitter’s implementation is based on the … Continue reading Twitter App Only Authentication example

Securely store user credentials

We always store user's credentials like User-name/Email Id or passwords, some times API public Keys also. Some uses database(worst option), Shared Preferences (Better) . We knows that this can be vulnerable, as security is always a problem with rooted devices. So we think of the other options. Someone comes and says hey lets encrypt the … Continue reading Securely store user credentials

Android Float Label Example

FloatingLabel Allows you to create a blow kind of EditText. Floating Lable project is in initial mode, where a few customization is provided like changing Text color of EditText and Its Label <com.hardik.floatinglabel.FloatingLabelView android:id="@+id/label1" android:layout_width="fill_parent" android:layout_height="wrap_content" label:floatHintText="Whatever hint you want to display" label:textColor="@color/blue" label:textTypeface="some_custome_font.ttf"/> You can also provide custom fonts also, condition is to put … Continue reading Android Float Label Example

Modifying App Chooser Intent

Hi Friends, I am seeing many questions on stack overflow asking about filtering app from android app chooser (though its very old topic). So I thought to write a well describing blog on it. Problem :  Intent.ACTION_SEND lists all application which can handle this intent. Sometimes lot of unnecessary application is also gets listed out … Continue reading Modifying App Chooser Intent

Intent Service in Android

Today I will demonstrate how to make a queue for any task in Android using Intent Service. IntentService is a base class of Service in android. It can handle asynchronous request on demand. We can send request through startService(Intent) method . The service gets started automatically and handles each intent when its turn comes on … Continue reading Intent Service in Android